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About Us

Every year around 1,200 motorists and motorcyclists are killed on Australia's roads. The highest percentage of these deaths are the young and inexperienced.

The AMA Charity was established in 2020 as the charitable arm of the Australian Motor Association (AMA), with a Vision of enhancing road and water way safety for Australians, through early and further driving and riding experience. 

The AMA Charity was formed to help raise funds to finance and implement:

  • suitable training facilities across Australia

  • motor vehicles and vessels for use in educational activities

  • licensed and accredited driver and rider trainers to deliver our programs.

We do this by:

  • providing life saving driving and riding skills and knowledge opportunities, across Australia in both urban and remote areas

  • financially supporting young people from disadvantaged backgrounds to undertake 'off road' driver and rider programs.

Such activities are at the very core of our charter: drive safe, ride safe.

The AMA Charity also financially supports:

  • driver and rider education programs and activities that enhance the existing skills and knowledge of drivers and riders.

Please help us to achieve our vision and DONATE TODAY or leave a lasting gift and PLEDGE A BEQUEST.