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AMA Charity is not like other organisations that only concentrate on the 'after effects' of Australians being involved in road crashes. 

AMA Charity is about providing motorists and motorcyclists with the ability to learn superior skills and knowledge, to not be involved in a road incident in the first place.

The goal of AMA Charity is to prevent diseases (mental and physical) in humans which result from road crashes.

AMA Charity achieves its' aims and goals in partnership with its supporters, the AMA Cooperatives, the Association of Motorcycle and Automobile Clubs (AMA), its divisions, chapters, subsidiaries and chartered organisations.

Your support of AMA Charity helps us to develop facilities, to acquire equipment, safety gear, motor vehicles and to engage the qualified instructors to deliver our educational activities to as many pre and post licence drivers and riders as we can.

Please help us to achieve our vision and DONATE TODAY or leave a lasting gift and PLEDGE A BEQUEST.